What future awaits Polish loan companies?


Over the past few years, the non-banking sector has been quite dynamic. It is now considered mature, with a stable market position, especially for low-value loans. What future awaits loan companies? What can it depend on? Is the non-banking sector in Poland booming well?

Loan companies – a handful of statistics

Loan companies - a handful of statistics

According to data collected by BIK, the share of loans granted by the non-banking sector in relation to the entire portfolio of consumer loans and loans in our country is only 1 percent.

However, these statistics show a growing interest in borrowing for larger amounts. Although, at present, loan companies tend to dominate among loans up to PLN 1,000 PLN (their share is currently around 35 percent), in this sector there is a clear increase in the number of higher value loans granted for a longer period of time.

“This trend was also confirmed by the Supra Cass Company customer satisfaction survey , in which we asked, among others for the length of financing and the amount of loans taken out by our clients. “Nearly half of the respondents decided to take out a loan of between 50,000 and 100,000. PLN “.

The development in this direction is also indicated by the average amount of debt incurred in this type of institutions – at the beginning of 2015 it was about PLN 1,300, and in March 2017 about PLN 1,800.

Polish loan sector compared to other European countries

Polish loan sector compared to other European countries

Interesting results on the development prospects of the Polish loan market are presented in the Twino Alternative Lending Index, Spring 2017 report, published by the consulting company. The main conclusion that can be drawn from the study is Poland’s high position in terms of the Alternative Landing Index (loans from the non-banking sector). Of the 23 countries surveyed, our country is overall in fourth place (just behind Hungary, Slovenia and Lithuania). Two good factors influence such good position and high potential of loan companies in Poland:

  • restrictive requirements of banks when applying for a loan,
  • high interest rates on loans compared to other European countries.

Interestingly, according to the discussed report, in Poland there were higher costs of loans for households and enterprises, compared to the European average. At the same time, our country has lower-than-average debt levels in both consumer groups.

Uncertain market situation and loan companies

Uncertain market situation and loan companies

The above data and the rather positive market situation indicate that the non-bank sector in Poland should rather look to the future with optimism. This trend also confirms the growing trust of Poles in loan companies – currently, according to a survey conducted, 17 percent of consumers trust this type of financial institutions ( more on this topic we wrote here ). It is over 50 percent. more than in the 2016 edition of the survey