10 things to know about Gen Z’s new favorite app

BeReal is a social media app that has recently gained popularity among social media aficionados. Although it was launched a few years ago, it has gained traction in recent weeks, thanks in part to TikTok, and has become the new popular app for Gen Z.

If you’re not already part of the BeReal hype, the app can get a bit confusing, and there are some important facts to know about the massively successful app to educate you and get you started with the new platform. form.


8 It sends the notification at the same time, globally

Screenshot of the BeReal notification

BeReal is proud of its authenticity. Its main feature is the notification it sends which gives users a two-minute window to capture what they are doing at that exact moment, using both the front and rear camera.

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Although users are allowed to post later than the notification and 2 minute window, they will not be able to see other people’s posts until they upload their own. This often results in very different messages, depending on where users are in the world and what time it is for them.

seven You cannot use filters or edit the photos

The BeReal app

Part of the app’s praise comes from its lack of filters and editing. The app has no filters, nor are you allowed to upload edited photos, which means it must be an authentic capture of that moment. Users can retake the photo up to 10 times, but this alerts their friends how many times they have retaken the photo before uploading it.

Reviewers have praised the app for it, citing the importance of capturing our daily lives as they are, comparing it directly to Instagram which has previously been criticized for its filters and face editing.

6 The app was originally launched in 2020

Phone displaying BeReal in the Apple App Store

However, the initial launch was much later than its current popularity. It was obscure for several years, miles away from being on charts or popularity lists.

In the two years since its release, it has climbed into the top 10 downloaded apps on the Apple Store and is one of the most popular free social networking apps for iPhone, according to SensorTower. After a brief stint in college towns and campuses, it has become a staple of most Gen Z’s daily lives and daily social media consumption.

5 He was born in France

The BeReal app

Developed by designers Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau, the app was initially launched in France. Barreyat was a former employee of the GoPro company (per Yahoo!).

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They’ve since said they want a social media app that promotes authenticity and the mundane everyday that most people live, versus apps like Instagram and Twitter that showcase the more extravagant lifestyle. Users and reviewers alike have applauded the authenticity and banality of life exhibited through the app.

4 Downloads increased massively this year

Woman taking BeReal in front of a plant hedge

As of July 2022, the app has seen over 20 million installs worldwide, a 315% increase this year alone. The resurgence started around April and the app has been growing ever since.

It also secured $30 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz, one of the biggest venture capitalists (per Business Intern). The French duo have been promoting the app for years at all colleges in the United States and cite this as one of the reasons for their success, although the app has seen more organic growth this year than ever before. .

3 You can comment and react to other users

Screenshot of the RealMoji section in BeReal

Although the focus is on capturing photos, users are allowed to interact with their friends and posts. Users can either comment on their friends’ posts or send a “RealMoji”, which is a photo taken with the front camera of the user’s face.

This led to several viral videos on TikTok of users reacting wildly to their friends’ posts. The RealMoji feature is arguably one of the most entertaining features, allowing users to see their friends’ reaction in real time to what they are doing at that exact moment.

2 There are no ads or follower accounts

User picking up his BeReal in a supermarket aisle

Part of BeReal’s appeal to many Gen Zers is the lack of ads. The app does not display any advertisements on its interface, a refreshing break from other social media apps.

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Also, no tracking count is displayed. BeReal’s marketing team said “BeReal won’t make you famous” due to lack of influence (via The edge). Instead, it focuses on showing friends snapshots of users’ daily lives, completely removing influencer status on the app.

1 There is a discovery section

BeReal on multiple phones, showing different people in different settings, parties, supermarkets, at home, etc.

As with most successful social media apps, BeReal also offers a discovery section. This allows users to see other messages from around the world, as long as the person has their privacy settings unlocked.

It gives an interesting insight into how the rest of the world lives its daily life and what it could be doing along with it. As with everything else in the app, it does a good job of promoting the mundanity of the world and the fact that most people don’t do over-the-top things every day.

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