14 new health rules and changes in France

1. Psychologist visits now reimbursed

Up to eight annual visits to a psychologist for psychotherapy are now reimbursed by the state.

Go to monpsy.sante.gouv.fr and click on I don’t feel well to find participating psychologists (including all foreign languages ​​spoken). You must also obtain a referral note from a doctor.

Sessions are €30 (€40 for the first), 60% refundable, the rest via additional policies.

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2. Increased minimum wage

The minimum wage, received by around two million in France, increased on May 1, 2022 by 2.65%, to reach a net amount (after social security charges) of €1,302.64.

3. Cheaper fuel until summer

A government-funded fuel price reduction of 18 cents/litre will last at least until July 31.

4. New cold calling rules

Cold callers now need to get your explicit consent at the start of a call to continue.

The rules also prohibit companies from taking a verbal agreement as acceptance of a contract – this must be obtained electronically or in writing.

Businesses must also wait 24 hours after submitting all relevant information before obtaining a signature.

5. Better information on rents

Estate agents must display key information about rents in urban areas subject to rent control (such as Paris, Lyon and Lille) in their listings.

This includes displaying the indicative rent set by the prefecture for the type of property, and the maximum authorized rent (20% more).

It must also indicate whether the property has exceptional elements (stunning view, luxury equipment) that can allow it to be exceeded.

This will make it easier to see how the asking rent matches up.

6 Prohibition of processed meat

Importing meat from outside the EU from animals treated with growth-promoting antibiotics is now banned.

The practice was already banned in the EU.

7. Better access to remote expertise

A process where your doctor (eg your GP) can seek specialist advice to help you with your case is now available to everyone.

With your agreement, advice is obtained remotely, including the sending of relevant documents, for example. by secure messaging.

There is a charge of €20 by the specialist and €10 by the other doctor.

You do not have to be present. This is 100% covered by Health Insurance, without down payment.

Previously, this was limited to certain patients, such as those with long-lasting ALD.

8. Increase in social assistance

Benefits paid by the National Family Allowance Fund (CAF) will be increased by 1.8%, less than half the inflation rate of 4.5% over one year in March.

This slight increase will apply to family allowances, the basic allowance for young children, the childcare supplement, the PreParE for parents on parental leave, the RSA, the activity bonus and the next back-to-school scholarship, which will be paid in August.

The disabled adult allowance (AAH), increased on April 1, began to be paid at the beginning of May and rose from €903.60 to €919.86.

9. Gas bills for apartments

A gas price freeze from November 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 has been extended to residents of apartments with collective facilities who are billed for gas as part of their charges.

They can expect a refund if they were overcharged.

10. New renovation loan

Banks now offer low-income households whose housing is poorly insulated the renovation advance loan which is repayable only in the event of sale or legation of the housing.

It covers the part of the costs not included in the other aids and can be from €3,500 to €30,000 with interest not exceeding 2%.

The income ceilings are, for example, €19,545 for a single person outside Ile-de-France or €28,614 for a couple without dependent children.

It should also be noted that applicants for green renovation aid such as MaPrimeRénov can this year benefit from an additional €1,000 to switch to an ecological boiler.

For more information on the various renovation aids, see france-renov.gouv.fr

11. Flood Warning App

If you live near a river, you might like to install the new Vigicrues Android app, which warns you of flood risks in your area.

For a desktop version with email warnings, create an account on vigicrues.gouv.fr

12. Occupational health

Several changes have been made to workplace health rules, including the creation of a new mid-career health check for 45-year-old workers and allowing workplace health checks over the internet.

13. Falling – and rising – cigarette prices

Tobacco prices changed slightly on May 1.

For example:

  • A pack of 20 Lucky Strike Original red cigarettes ranging from €10.20 to €10
  • A reduction of 10 cents on many packs including Lucky Strike long (red, blue and gold), Peter Stuyvesant (silver, blue and red), Rothmans (blue, Red Select and London), Vogue L’Originale (white, blue, pastel ), Winfield red…

On the other hand, several types of the Winston brand will increase by 10 cents.

14. No more heated terraces

Restaurants and bars are prohibited from providing air conditioning or heating on their outdoor terraces as an energy saving measure.


There remains one French public holiday in May – Thursday, May 26, Ascension Day.

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