5 reasons why Drake’s amazing bed might be worth it


A good night’s sleep is priceless or if you ask for it Duck, it’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Last month, the multi-millionaire released the official music video for his chart-topping track “Toosie Slide” and the five-minute clip gave fans a glimpse of the mansion the star owns in her hometown of Toronto, Canada.

From the finale of his fireworks display to an entire room decorated with the brilliant prizes he’s won in the past, it’s clear his lifestyle is on a whole new level. After the fall, Drake deepened the world in her house via a Architectural summary blanket that featured even more pieces, but one place that immediately stood out was her exquisitely designed bedroom.

The rapper’s master bedroom featured an elegant tapestry designed by Alexander McQueen which he paired with a one-of-a-kind bed created by iconic Swedish mattress company Hästens in collaboration with renowned luxury designer Ferris Rafauli. In short, many call it “Birkin bed bag. “While Drake’s nearly $ 400,000 choice known as the Grand Vividus may seem unreal, Forbes discussed with Linus Adolfsson – who is the owner of several Hästens stores in the United States – on how you can actually find a more affordable branded alternative. See how below, and write down any reasons why it might be worth the investment.

1. The brand has other options.

Just minutes after the phone call with Adolfsson started and he pointed out that Hästens has other beds besides Drake’s Great Vividus. “For me and for many people in Scandinavia buying a bed only happens once in your lifetime and we have options for $ 10,000,” he said. Forbes. “Instead of buying a bed for a few thousand dollars every five years, why not buy a high quality Hästens designed to last only once. In the end, you save money in the long run.

2. You should invest in your sleep.

Adolfsson opened his first Hästens store in their early twenties with the aim of educating people about the importance of sleep. He stressed that this is not something you have to take for granted and that having the best possible mattress is essential for staying healthy. “Your mattress has to be the prettiest object in your space because that’s where you spend a lot of time and it’s almost a throne of rejuvenation,” he said. “Our bed takes about 600 hours to make and people go through a seven-year apprenticeship to be part of the process. This is what sets Hästens apart from other beds. Everything is handmade in the same factory that we have been using in Sweden since 1858. It’s completely natural. No latex, no foam, no fiery fabric, but instead the bed is made of horsehair, wool, cotton, linen and springs.

3. You will not feel any pressure.

The brand is proud to be able to deliver a handmade product to customers. Adolfsson himself couldn’t be more proud of Hästens’ impressive mattress manufacturing process, which ultimately is what makes the products so special. “The springs are sewn by hand one by one, so they move individually,” he explained. “This is what makes people feel like there are no pressure points and you will feel like you are floating. Our whole mission was to create a tension-free bed for the body that will make everyone feel like they are sleeping on a cloud.

4. The mattress will last for generations.

“A The Hästens bed is designed to last over 50 years, ”Adolfsson confirmed. He went on to say that the owners of the mattress tend to pass it on to the next generation in the family. This is proof that you can definitely get your money’s worth with this timeless piece.

5. Don’t forget the Sleep Spa.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all Hästens stores are temporarily closed. In addition to trying out a mattress, buyers can usually enjoy Adolfsson’s Sleep Spa experience before finalizing a purchase. This is a unique and free Hästens benefit that completely improves the mattress shopping experience. “I developed the idea with my colleague Carl Larsson,” Adolfsson revealed. “He moved here two and a half years ago to build The Sleep Spa for our Los Angeles and New York stores. We came up with this concept of walking in a dream where you can learn about sleep and find the mattress that makes you feel weightless. There’s a scent of lavender that we’ve incorporated, we have soundbeds and even artists that come and perform every week. It was our chance to create a sense of community and make things more practical. ”

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