All Big UK 2021 Christmas Announcements, Ranked

Nothing says “Christmas is finally here!” Much like big budget TV commercials designed to leave you teary eyed, emotional, and in the mood to buy a whole bunch of Things. Whether it’s a solemn cartoon bear and weeping Lily Allen soundtrack, or doe-eyed kids saying goodbye to imaginary friends, we look forward to the festive productions every year. from major UK supermarkets, hoping to feel some semblance of the Christmas spirit (or at least be hungry for Christmas dinner).

Christmas 2021 was no different and this year’s festive commercials are back and happier than ever. But let’s be honest, some are definitely better than others …

It’s a tough call. This year, people like Tesco, Aldi and Waitrose, and many others, are mixing things up, and the ads range from silly to sentimental to help capture some festive magic in a post-lockdown world. And, supermarkets have creatively gone all out (well some …), featuring everything from cartoon carrots and vaccinated Santa Claus to an alien with vehicle trouble. To get me in the mood, I’ve put together a definitive list of this year’s supermarket Christmas ads, starting with my favorite –



Aldi understood the Christmas mission this year. For its fruits and vegetables take the classic novel A Christmas Carol, the ad features a snowman crushing banana, “Ebanana Scrooge,” a visit from Kevin the Ghostly Carrot, before learning that Christmas is a time for “peas and goodwill” with a bit of help from footballer Marcus Rashford aka Marcus Radis-ford. Aldi not only pledges to donate 1.8 million meals to families over the Christmas period, but the announcement includes so plenty of festive veg pun to enjoy and – best of all – a nod to the Cuthbert vs. Colin legal battle with M&S. Well done, Aldi, well done.



In Tesco’s “Nothing Stopping Us” ad, Santa Claus risks being quarantined, but, hurray! he was double vaxxed and has a pass. It’s a phrase that wouldn’t have made sense a few years ago, but the cheerful publicity skillfully addresses the current “unprecedented times” while being extremely optimistic. Plus, he’s set to Queen’s ultimate bop “Don’t Stop Me Now”.


JD Sports

Few Christmas commercials are aimed solely at ‘young people today’, but JD Sports was more than clear about its target audience, with a London-based ad featuring the UK’s coolest Nike tracksuit wearing young celebrities. Maya Jama, Aitch, Little Simz, Jadon Sancho, KSI and more (oh, my!) Stars in the big-budget Christmas commercial, which features less garlands and snow-capped hills, and more relevant last-minute shopping and the Slippery melting ice on city streets. It is very cool, in a way that other ads fail to reach. Plus, it serves as a reminder to all the teens tasked with picking up turkey this year: try not to leave it until stores close.



This Christmas, Waitrose Gets Real: The Best Part of Christmas is the food. No argument. In the ad, Supplements actor Ashley Jensen is the inner voice of those of us who would be happy to entrust Waitrose Apple Pies to our own creation and shamelessly eat ALL the stuffing without any regrets (me, basically). Unlike other adorned with garlands, I appreciate that Waitrose jumps right in at the right time: dinner time.



Ask any parent kids love McDonald’s. This year, the fast food chain touches the hearts of any parent who watches their child “grow up fast” with its new ad. He sees a little girl and her imaginary best friend Iggy go their separate ways as she transforms into a young adult (and in heartbreaking scenes, puts Iggy back in her wardrobe). In a way, with the help of a McDonald’s Happy Meal, she remembers her former companion. Well, not since Toy story have we felt so overcome with nostalgia for our imaginary friends. *sniff*



Tom Holland is the voice of Percy Pig. Do I have to say more? For the first time ever, they animated the ever popular candy and let it run wild in the store. Did I mention that Dawn French is a fairy?



Lidl has gone for a futuristic theme this year. To emphasize that it will be always being approachable creates a familiar scene with a happy family over Christmas dinner… then it all plays out again in the future (where clothes gradually become more obnoxious, apparently). Look for all the great Lidl clothing merchandise.



To compete with old Saint Nicholas, Morrisons pitched “Farmer Christmas” for its commercial, complete with a sleek red raincoat and a neat beard. While Santa has reindeer, Farmer Christmas has shiny Morrisons delivery trucks, and his little helpers work in local stores, not the North Pole. Granted, Morrisons went wild with its theme, but that’s a nice thank you to all the hardworking farmers this Christmas.


John lewis

Ah, John Lewis. You got it so good once. Yet this year, the reigning Christmas ad champion has (once again) divided customers with his latest film ‘An Unexpected Guest’.. The announcement sees a very sweet child discovering a wide-eyed alien in the forest, whom he eventually falls in love with and learns to eat a thin pie. After fixing his UFO, the alien leaves the planet and the boy is on the verge of tears – for what is Christmas without a heartbroken child? Cute but very slightly predictable.


Iceland (a little …)

Uh. Iceland, how are you? Instead of doing their own TV commercial this year, Iceland decided to spoof John Lewis advertising. Using what looks like college-level photoshop skills, they hilariously replaced John Lewis’ alien face with a big Space Invader potato face. The message? Well you can find space invaders in the freezer aisle at your next store …



On the sultry tones of Etta James’ “At Last”, the new Sainsbury commercial urges us to savor this year’s festivities, as it has taken “a long time to come”. Okay. The announcement is straightforward, upbeat and a great reminder of the real reason for the season: family, of course.



Asda could be accused of skating with her Christmas 2021 ad. He literally sees a family ice skating during the holiday season, from school plays to Christmas parties. Is it a top contender this year? Unfortunately not. But it’s still a great idea.

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