Are you receiving annoying spam in your French mailbox? Here’s how to stop it

Between 800,000 and 900,000 tonnes of unsolicited print advertisements are distributed each year in France to households that have not chosen to receive them, according to the government Stop Pub campaign, or the equivalent of 40 kg of leaflets per letterbox and 12 million trees.

As certain sectors such as retail trade and cinema were excluded from advertising on national television until 2007 in order to protect other media such as the press and radio, many companies have traditionally opted for the distribution of advertising leaflets.

As the numbers go down, if you’re sick of finding unsolicited ads in your mailbox or want to do your part for the environment, here’s what you can do to stop receiving them:

The stop-pub sticker

In 2004, the Department of Ecology implemented the Stop Pub sticker, affixed to your mailbox and informing businesses that you do not wish to receive unaddressed advertising.

You can pick one up at a distribution center near you or print one yourself.

If you are concerned about the aesthetics of putting a sticker on your mailbox, you can also purchase a particular design from the online store.

If you continue to receive advertisements despite displaying a Stop Pub sticker, you can report the company (s) on the site. Offending companies will be penalized, with initial fines starting at € 1,500 and up to € 15,000 per instance for repeat offenders.

What to do if you receive other types of unsolicited advertising or spam

If you receive unwanted advertising addressed to you directly (including your name and address), you should subscribe to the Robinson List by sending your details by mail to Fevad, the Federation of E-commerce and Sales at distance.
You can find the address and the form on the Fevad website.

If you receive unwanted emails to which you have not subscribed and cannot unsubscribe, you can report it to Signal Spam.

If you receive spam text messages, you can forward the message to the number 33700. You will then receive a text message asking for the spammer’s phone number. Once you send it in response, you will receive a message informing you that the report has been completed.

You can find more information, including identifying a spam message, on the Voice and SMS spam site.

If you receive unwanted canvas calls from private companies, you can register your phone number to not receive these calls on the government Bloctel service.

This free service is valid for three years, although users have reported that it doesn’t always work, in which case you can find more tips below.

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