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The European Union and President Macron have failed to secure pre-orders for the Valneva vaccine produced in France after talks with the company broke down earlier this year. But in another major boost for Brexit Britain, the jabs are being made available to the UK first. Boris Johnson’s government has reportedly secured an order for 190 million doses, with the first 60 million of the 100 million doses set to continue into the first quarter of next year, with the rest to 2022.

UK authorities also have the option of purchasing an additional 90million doses to be delivered between 2023 and 2025, pushing the total order value to £ 1.2 billion. The manufacturing process will take place in Livingston, Scotland.

But the EU and France failed to strike a deal with Valneva to deliver vaccine doses to the block.

Talks with the pharmaceutical company began in early 2020 but collapsed dramatically on the grounds that “the French company had not fulfilled the conditions” for marketing in Europe.

This infuriated Generation Frexit chairman Charles-Henri Gallois, who agrees this is “another big win for Brexit Britain” and perfectly illustrates why France should step up plans to leave the EU. as soon as possible.

He told “This is another big victory for Brexit in Britain.

“This shows once again that an independent country is much more efficient and agile than the bureaucratic EU.”

He added: “It’s hard to say if Frexit can arrive sooner rather than later as everyone is focused on the COVID-19 crisis, they may not see the connection to the EU and only blame Macron who is co -responsible.

“When we do the accounts, after the crisis, I think it will be great publicity for Frexit because the EU has handled it so badly.”

Mr Gallois also blasted the “terrible mistake” made by the EU in not being able to obtain millions of Valneva vaccines for the block, while calling it a “total disaster”.

He is also furious that Brussels is advancing the CureVac vaccine from Germany.

In late June, the company admitted that its jab was only 48% effective in the final analysis of its pivotal mass test, just slightly better than the 47% reported after an initial reading two weeks earlier.

The president of Generation Frexit blasted: “It is a terrible mistake and a shame for France.

“The obsession with having a European solution and the purchase by Macron is a total disaster.

“We had the deployment three months after the UK for Pfizer and AstraZeneca and the EU does not take into account this French vaccine.

“The EU does not want to order this French vaccine but in the meantime it has ordered many doses of the German vaccine CureVac which only seems to be effective at 48%.

“The EU is working for Germany and not for France. It’s no surprise.”

Speaking in April, after Valneva called off talks with the EU, the company’s chief executive, Thomas Lingelbach, expressed frustration at having “gone around in circles” without progress.

Weeks later, a dozen EU member states, including France and Germany, said they wanted to order the vaccines themselves rather than through the bloc’s supply system.

Valneva’s chief financial officer David Lawrence said at the time that the company “was speaking with various governments.”

He added: “We believe that our inactivated vaccine can make a major contribution to the ongoing fight against the pandemic and remain committed to bringing it to the market. “

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