Chase Winovich defends the interests of milk and dairy producers: “I had the opportunity to meet all the cows and milk some of them. It’s a super dramatic story ‘


FOXBOROUGH – Although Chase winovich currently wears tousled blonde hair, his real passion lies in milk mustaches.

The Patriots linebacker Twitter account became milk-centric, and he explained his new dairy advocacy at length during a video conference Tuesday afternoon.

“I feel like there is a subtle war on milk,” Winovich said. “I obviously appreciate the milk. I think dairy farmers are doing a great job across the country. We have to appreciate them and the beautiful cows that are also milked and produce this delicious milk.

So where did the Milk Crusade come from? Does he come from a family of dairy farmers? Does he just like milk?

“I have a YouTube channel called ‘Wino On A Quest’ and we went to Vermont, it’s called Liberty Hill Farms,” Winovich explained. “There’s an Airbnb, I don’t know how it works with COVID and everything. But I had the opportunity to meet all the cows and milk a few. It’s a super dramatic story.

“It was a great time. I really fell in love with the process. I already had a love for milk. I’ve been tweeting about milk for years. I think I tweeted “Nothing like the feeling of milk flowing through your mustache” a few years ago … On top of that my cousin is also a dairy farmer in the Pittsburgh area of ​​Lancaster County, in Amish country. I know that’s a lot of answers.

When some Patriots teammates pulled out of the 2020 season, Winovich decided to raise a glass … of milk.

However, Tuesday’s conference call ended before Winovich was asked about his staunch stance against almond milk.

Dairy papers aside, Winovich also provided an interesting answer on developing a leadership role as a sophomore on a young defense.

“For me – that’s a more complicated answer, I guess – but going back to my time in Michigan I would say I was always a little afraid of being a hypocrite, so I made sure that before I say anything, I made sure it was secure, “Winovich said.” Now it’s like entering my sophomore year, there are some people that I feel like to be able to really influence with words and just little information. Being at the pro level, there are a lot of little things – they call them “vet stuff”, and changes in technique that can really help you adjust, because that some people didn’t play special teams in college so I kind of had to relearn that, and there are some things that helped me there that I’m really trying to convey.

“But really, there’s a lot of knowledge and a lot of leadership, I would say, at all levels. A lot of guys love football. And drink milk.

Winovich was clearly a (milky) man on a mission.

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