CSCW) announces a partnership with the French Galtiscopio Gatti to enter the “Color World” metaverse platform

NEW YORK, March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSCW) (hereinafter referred to as “Color Star” or the “Company”), a globally networked entertainment technology company focused on the application of technology and artificial intelligence (” IA”) in the entertainment industry, today announced that Galtiscopio Gatti (“Galtiscopio”), a luxury watch brand for women France, has officially entered the Color World metaverse platform. Color Star will assist the brand in its online brand marketing and help the company seize new market opportunities presented by the metaverse.

The launch of the Color World beta towards the end of January caught the attention of many. Although it is an unfinished beta, the virtual world and virtual characters have received unanimous public recognition and approval. As a metaverse aiming to bring real-world settings into the virtual world, Color Star has spent a lot of time and manpower on research and development. To provide users with more virtual places and cultural experiences, real-world stars and companies have successively “entered” Color World by having their virtual counterparts represent them in the metaverse, breathing life into the virtual world. . Color Star’s position is very clear: “Color World” is an interactive variety entertainment platform with technology and artificial intelligence as the main focus. The in-app economy is also a major goal, to ensure that virtual businesses and app users benefit and influence each other. Companies rely on users to market their brand, while users rely on companies to provide them with tailored products and services, thus achieving a closed-loop marketing strategy. This is what Color Star hopes to see and will most likely be a major selling point of Color World as well.

This partnership between Color Star and Galtiscopio was prompted by the impressive growing stature of the French brand among many international fashion brands. Galtiscopio started by selling bespoke watches to celebrities and later became popular and opened up to the mass market. Galtiscopio wristwatches were created with the concept of “Time To Enjoy Time” in mind. The three-dimensional design of the watch face exudes playfulness, and the designs will continue to adopt the endless sky creative style, creating endless possibilities and creating a whole new definition of the concept of time. Today, the watch brand has become the fashion darling of many celebrities. After the launch of “Color World”, the technical team of Color Star will create a [3D flagship store] for Galtiscoping [NTD: do you mean virtual / online store? If so, please revise accordingly otherwise it sounds like there will be a physical store]. In addition, the team will assist the brand in its online sales. Not only can users inspect watches in detail in virtual reality, but they can also make purchases without leaving their homes. More importantly, in addition to physical products, all future models and models of watches can be sold in Color World. This will be a focal point in the future development of commercial marketing for Color World and resident companies.

Lucas Capetian, CEO of Color Star Technology, said, “French brand Galtiscopio Gatti has already established itself as a luxury brand with a respectable level of influence and fan base; it is also a good advertisement for Color World. At the same time, we will start exploring ways to conduct in-depth cooperation in digital marketing, including digital products, etc. Eventually, online sales and offline sales will become one, which will then allow us to target the international market; these are all fantastic prospects. As more and more companies land on our color world and gain popularity, our user base will perpetually grow, attracting more and more consumers to these metaverse companies.”

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