Dawn French reveals why she refused to do Strictly Come Dancing

Dawn French has done a lot of things over the years, from sketch comedy and iconic chocolate orange commercials to sitcoms, voiceover, hosting and judging talent shows.

But one thing she hasn’t done is enter a TV contest.

It turns out the legendary comic was asked to do a major BBC program, but she turned it down for a very specific reason.

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This week the Graham Norton ShowDawn was listening Come dance strictly pro Johannes Radebe speaks about the series when she said: “I might have been asked to do Strictlybut I’m afraid of being considered the funniest and of being forced to do stupid things.

“I take dancing seriously and I would love to dance.”

While this is a very valid point, comedians who have made Strictly moved past the silly dances and continued to score well and go far in the competition. Chris Ramsey reached fourth place, while Bill Bailey won the Glitterball Trophy in 2020.

Dawn also spoke to Norton about fans who wanted her to bring back French & Saunders in sketch form.

Dawn French L and Jennifer Saunders attend the 2017 Glamor Women of the Year Awards

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“There are no plans at the moment,” she said, “but we’re doing something for Comic Relief this year. I think the time for the sketch show is over, but Jen [Saunders] and i’m like kids when we get together and have a lot of fun thinking about it – the likes of Course of action, Kill Eve and The crown just beg him!”

The duo also star in a new movie Death on the Nile, which is currently in theaters. She admitted the pair were tempted to parody everyone on set, but they ended up behaving.

Dawn wasn’t just on the show to talk about the movie, but her brand new tour: Dawn French is a huge pussy, a solo show about all the times she “made stupid mistakes or misunderstood something vital or jumped the gun in a spectacular display of twattery”. Tickets are on sale now for the fall season.

This episode of The Graham Norton Show broadcast tomorrow (Friday, February 18) on BBC One at 10:35 p.m. Come dance strictly is also broadcast on BBC One.

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