France gives citizens $ 3,000 to get rid of their cars and buy an electric bike


France is one of the latest countries to look to offer a cash-for-clunkers incentive to get people out of their cars and use more sustainable means of transportation.

The European nation is offering residents € 2,500 ($ 2,975) to trade in their old emissions-emitting car and purchase an electric bicycle. Yes, an electric bicycle.

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It’s not set in stone yet, however.

Earlier this week, French lawmakers approved the measure in a preliminary vote. The French federation of bicycle users claim that if France goes ahead with the program, it would be the first nation in the world to give people money for old cars to invest in new electric bikes, Reuters reports.

However, the organization must leave out crucial details of how it came to this conclusion, as there have been other similar programs.

For example, as Martti Tulenheimo, chief specialist of the Finnish Cycling Federation points out, Finland has a similar discount that citizens have used to finance more than 2,000 e-bikes, 1,000 new low-emission cars and 100 public transport tickets.

Lithuania also offered such a program last year. The National Environmental Projects Management Agency (APVA) offered residents € 1,000 ($ 1,200) if they traded in their old cars. The money could then be used against anything from escooters to electric bikes to public transport tickets.

The program was considered a success with over 8,500 people applying for the grant.

Maybe France was getting a little dizzy because the the air quality is not as good as you think. Hopefully, with this new grant, that will change soon enough.

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