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Speaking to, James Shields, professor of French politics at the University of Warwick, said Emmanuel Macron received a humiliating blow as his country rejected the submarine deal Aukus by Great Britain, the United States and Australia. Professor Shields suggested that as a result, President Macron was forced to learn two important lessons about himself and France to move forward as he faces a presidential election in 2022 and the taking awareness of France’s position on the world stage becomes clear.

Professor Shields said: “The Aukus Pact has been a major humiliation for France.

“And a reminder that France’s global ambitions must be linked to larger alliance structures.”

He gave examples of France’s ties to NATO and reflected on the idea that President Macron could possibly be invited into the Aukus Pact.

But in a sobering admission, he said a central vision of President Macron’s efforts to bind France to larger alliances is to “develop a viable EU security and defense capability.”

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But the professor stressed that “we are far, very far from it”, but noted that this plan of the European army was an argument that Macron had advanced “both before and since his election in 2017”.

Professor Shields then underlined how the formation of Aukus without France is “all the more humiliating” as France considers itself a major player in the Indo-Pacific region.

Indeed, the Indo-Pacific region is home to a number of French military bases and a few million citizens who have French nationality and have identity ties with the country.

As a result, President Macron believes that France cannot be shown as a military presence to protect these people.

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The French expert went on to suggest how the way President Macron handles humiliation “beyond the theatrical posture of recalling French ambassadors” will be his next biggest challenge.

He added that Aukus’ humiliation will be a factor in the next race for the French presidential elections in the spring of 2022 for Mr. Macron and will be a point of ridicule for his opponents, including Marine le Pen.

Professor Shields stressed that this was a problem for Macron, especially since his administration is already accused of “amateurism”.

In conclusion, he warned: “Two immediate lessons emerge: France is back, only to the extent that larger power structures allow it to return. This is the hard lesson of the Aukus partnership.

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“The other is one that Macron should have learned from De Gaulle… and we have now seen it adopted by Australia.

“In international relations, there are no permanent friends or allies – there are only national interests.”

Aukus deal saw Australia tear up a massive € 31 billion diesel submarine construction contract with the French to research ways to produce nuclear submarines with the help of US technology within the framework of the new Aukus pact.

It is one of Australia’s largest defense partnerships in decades and intends to counter the growth of Chinese military might, China military power analysts say, but the spokesman Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian said this “seriously undermines regional peace and stability and intensifies the arms race.”

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