France will continue to issue visas to new Vietnamese passport holders, but they cannot be used to travel to Germany

The French Embassy in Vietnam announced that it recognizes the new Vietnamese passports and normally issues Schengen visas to holders of these passports, contrary to a move by the German authorities not to recognize them.

Through a press release published by the French Embassy on its official website on June 28, it is noted that for the moment and until further notice, the French authorities will continue to recognize the new Vietnamese passport and issue visas normally, reports

The German authorities recently announced that they do not recognize, at this stage, the new passport model issued by the Vietnamese authorities since July 1, 2022, because certain identity information such as the province of birth no longer appears there. The German authorities therefore do not issue visas (C-, D-) on these new passports.“, we read in the press release.

However, the Embassy has warned Vietnamese citizens who obtain a French visa from the French Embassy in Hanoi and the French Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City with their new passport that they will not be able to travel to Germany. with the same visa.

Visa applicants holding a new Vietnamese passport must therefore adapt their stay to exclude a stay or transit in Germany. Holders of previously issued passports are not affected“Explains the embassy in its press release.

This week, reported that Germany does not recognize the new blue Vietnamese passports due to the lack of birthplace information on these passports and therefore does not issue any type of visas to holders of these passports. passports.

The decision was taken by the German Interior Ministry and will remain in effect until a reverse decision is taken.

If your visa has already been issued, we strongly advise against traveling to Germany. You risk being turned back at the border. We will contact you individuallyexplains a FAQ published on the website of the German Embassy in Vietnam.

Vietnamese authorities started issuing the new passport on July 1, 2022, and an official from the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Public Security told Tuoi Tre newspaper that the new Vietnamese passport follows international regulations and practices.

According to the same, the Vietnamese authorities are working with the German diplomatic missions so that they recognize the new passports after having received a note explaining that the new model of passport lacks information on the place of birth, which makes identification difficult. of the passport holder, in particular when several holders bear the same name.

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