French footballer dies after 39 years in coma


September 7, 2021

Jean-Pierre Adams, a French footballer who spent 39 years in a coma after failed knee surgery, has died, CNN reported. He was 73 years old.

Adams injured his knee in 1982 and went to a hospital in Lyon for surgery. At the time, many staff were on strike, CNN said.

“The anesthesiologist looked after eight patients, one after another, like an assembly line,” his wife Bernadette told CNN in 2016.

“Jean-Pierre was supervised by a trainee, who repeated a year, who then admitted in court: ‘I was not up to the task entrusted to me.’

“Since it was not a life-saving operation, the hospital was on strike, there was a shortage of doctors, and this woman was caring for eight patients, in two different wards, someone should have told me. call to tell me they were going to delay the operation. “

The operation was still performed. Due to errors in his care, Adams suffered cardiac arrest and brain damage, the BBC said. He was released after 15 months and his wife looked after Adams until his death at her home in Nîmes.

The anesthesiologist and the trainee were punished in the mid-1990s with a month’s suspended prison sentence and a € 750 fine, the BBC said.

Adams, a defender, was born in Senegal and made 140 appearances for Nice. He also played for Nimes, Paris Saint-Germain and the French national team, the BBC reported.

In a statement, Paris Saint-Germain said “Adams’ zest for life, charisma and experience commanded respect,” the BBC said.

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