Google makes it easier to create video ads

Google Ads is launching a handful of new features, including an easy way for businesses to create video ads.

Ginny Marvin, Google Ads Liaison, announces that video creation is now available in the asset library:

Additional features include a central library for creative assets and a new tool for adding voiceovers to YouTube ads.

Google Ads video maker

Businesses can create video ads in minutes using one of Google’s new templates.

The video ad builder offers 14 templates, all designed around different purposes.

There are templates for showcasing products, promoting sales events, triggering app downloads, and more.

Google states in a blog post:

“The templates are made for YouTube, which means they have optimal pacing, brand and product placements, and prominent calls to action. They’re designed to help your ad stand out and drive results. With templates that guide you, the complexity of creating a video disappears and you can spend more time developing your message, audience insights, or campaign strategy.

Creating a video ad is as easy as filling out a template with images, text, and brand colors. You can also add music from Google’s audio library or an automated voiceover.

Add voiceover to YouTube video ads

Using Google’s artificial intelligence technologies, a new feature for advertisers converts text input into natural-sounding speech to overlay on YouTube video ads.

Google boasts that the voiceovers are “near-human quality” and “optimized for advertising”.

You can access this feature in the Google Ads asset library. As shown below, you must enter a script and select one of seven voices.

Screenshot from, July 2022.

Now each of your video ads can have a voiceover, including ads that have already been uploaded.

Automated voiceovers are available in English, Filipino, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Mandarin, Spanish, and Swedish.

Google Ads asset storage

Google is introducing a centralized asset library to improve the way images and videos are organized, viewed, and created.

Google makes it easier to create video adsScreenshot from, July 2022.

This feature is especially useful for marketing teams where multiple members are collaborating on the same campaigns.

In a blog post, Google states:

“With the Asset Library, images and videos are available to users in your Google Ads account in a visual first experience. You and your colleagues can view, import and organize creative assets from past and present campaigns. sharing, collaboration and consistency.

A centralized resource library eliminates the need to download multiple resources. You can access the same images and videos across all campaigns.

This feature is available in Performance Max, Discovery, App, Local, Display campaigns and some ad extensions.

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Featured image: Screenshot from, July 2022.

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