Hahahahaha! Spider-Man’s WEB # 3 takes the WEB to France [Preview]



Spider-Man and his friends from the Worldwide Engineering Brigade are taking a private jet to France as punishment in this issue of Spider-Man’s WEB # 3, in Marvel Comics stores Wednesday. It’s always fun when Marvel Comics explores the geography of foreign countries. Remember when Marvel had to trace the story of Tony Stark because “The Great One” Brian Bendis didn’t know the difference between the University of Cambridge in England and MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts? Well, it looks like Marvel has done their research this time around, as the team is extremely focused on the benchmarks in this preview. Find out below.

JUN210660 – SPIDER-MAN WEB # 3 (OF 5) SANDOVAL VAR – $ 3.99
(F) Kevin Shinick (A) Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque (CA) Gurihiru
The Worldwide Engineering Brigade lives up to its name, this time making a trip around the world to find a vile hacker, determined to steal all their best tech!
T rated
In Stores: 08/04/2021
List price: $ 3.99

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