Interview with Julien Schillewaert, CEO of PriceHubble


We interviewed Julien Schillewaert, CEO of Zurich-based Proptech PriceHubble, a global leader in AI-based digital products in real estate.

Hi Julian! Can you tell us a few words about PriceHubble? What exactly are you guys doing?

PriceHubble is a global PropTech company specializing in big data and artificial intelligence for real estate markets. First and foremost, our solutions empower businesses across the real estate value chain to make smarter, faster and better real estate decisions. We serve a wide range of B2B and B2B2C real estate players, such as institutional investors, developers, banks or real estate agents. We allow them to boost the critical performance indicators of their activity (for example, acquisition cost, customer conversion rate, loyalty or optimization of rental yield). I personally joined the company in 2019 as CEO.

Why and when was the company founded?

We were founded in 2016 by Stefan Heitmann and Markus Stadler. Their initial goal was to establish a whole new level of transparency in the European (and global!) Residential real estate market. Our data-driven and AI-driven insights provide the most powerful and intuitive valuations and analytics for the residential markets. We currently operate in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Japan. So far 2020 has been a very good year for us: we have opened our new office in Vienna and have just reached our 80th Hubbler anniversary!

Real estate is a fierce and very competitive field… What sets PriceHubbles apart from its competitors?

Real estate is still opaque, retrospective, and behind other industries when it comes to its digitalization. To change that, we’re combining 1) the widest range of data possible with 2) cutting edge analytics and 3) great visualization.

Our hallmark is to invest heavy resources in data science to understand the marginal impact of each parameter on real estate prices. This is what we call “explainable AI”. We also use AI to detect and predict the impact of urban changes such as new transport or gentrification dynamics. PriceHubble thus sets a whole new level of market transparency and enables B2B customers to make smarter real estate decisions, for themselves or for their end customer.

What types of customers are using your solutions?

Our solutions have already convinced some of the biggest names in the industry in all markets. Our client base includes B2B2C clients such as real estate agents (like Century 21 in Germany or Orpi in France), real estate portals (Check24 in Germany or Comparis in Switzerland), mortgage brokers, wealth managers or banks, and B2B players such as asset managers (BNP Real Estate, Axa IM, ING, Helvetia among others), developers or institutional investors (Gecina, SwissLife for example).

What are you waiting for 2021?

There is still so much to do in 2020!

But for 2021, we’re talking about more products, more customers, and more markets. Our roadmap is complete and we will bring new products to better serve our customers. We expect our customer base to triple again next year. Finally, we have successfully entered 5 countries to date and plan to accelerate our international expansion to make our solutions available in a few other European countries. Stay tuned!

A final word for the talents who would like to join PriceHubble?

Our team is growing rapidly and has doubled in the past 12 months. We have one of the largest residential real estate technology and data science teams in Europe, and we’re always on the lookout for great talent to join us.

Are you looking for challenges and want to take responsibility within a fast-paced and growing team? We would love to hear from you! We currently have many vacancies in our offices in Paris, Berlin, Zurich and Vienna. here, so take a look and contact us!

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