June 224, 2021 (digital edition)


On the front page: Meet the Irish Ferries Channel Low Cost Ferry Company

A new Dover-Calais ferry service is due to start this month but unions on both sides of the Channel plan to fight against the arrival of Irish Ferries. The unions say the company, which already operates between Ireland and France, is very inexpensive and will seriously damage existing services and lead to lower standards. Mick Lynch, general secretary of the British ferry union RMT, said Report, “We intend to fight against all of this.”

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French news explained: Covid-19 disrupts the French real estate market | Vaccination is now open to all in the form of locking elevators | Hunters launch their first TV advertising campaign

Covid-19 has shaken up the real estate market across France, with Paris losing but almost every other region is benefiting as buyers seek greener and simpler lives after the pandemic. Remote working, which the government has encouraged to allow businesses, means that many people have reassessed their homes and lifestyles.

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All adults in France are eligible to receive a Covid-19 vaccination from May 31, two weeks before the initial plans. The country’s health restrictions are gradually being lifted, with the curfew due to end on June 30. President Macron said it was possible that wearing masks on the streets would no longer be compulsory from July, but this has not been confirmed.

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The hunters are carrying out their first-ever television advertising campaign to raise awareness of a practice that his national federation has said has been unfairly attacked by animal rights groups.

Emmanuel Blacque-Belair, communications director of the National Federation of Hunters, declared: “The objective is to restore legitimacy to our actions and to recruit new members, and this is a great first.

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Brexit and France: Brexit rules “will cost us an additional € 150,000 in taxes to sell a second home” | Host invitation can replace attestation | Deadline of June 30 to apply for the card

A Report The reader faces a higher-than-expected capital gains tax bill of € 150,000 after the sale of their second home – as stricter non-EU rules apply after Brexit. British residents who sell French real estate must call on a tax representative for capital gains formalities if the sale is greater than € 150,000 as for all countries outside the EU. But representatives are often scrupulous about tax rules.

Find out what Nigel St George, retired IT company owner, discovered after the sale of the house he built on the Ile de Ré on page 4

British nationals visiting France to stay with friends and family can show, if asked, an invitation from their host as proof of the reason for their stay, a spokesperson for the Home Office said. Report. This comes after the confusion over whether Brits need a welcome certificate from the host’s town hall for private tours.

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The plus: June 30 is the last day to apply for a residence permit for Britons who resided in France before 2021. These Brits must obtain a card before October 1, unless they have another European nationality.

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Practical advice for living in France: Giving meaning to employment contracts | Do the British S1 keep lower social charges? | How to earn extra money after retirement

If you look at job offers in France, you will soon see the terms CDD or CDI relating to the different types of employment contracts. We explain some of the main differences between them.

Understand the terminology of the job in our Make Sense Of… column on page 19.

Legal experts from the French tax authorities and social services examine whether holders of UK S1 forms who live in France (and other EU countries) and are covered by the Brexit withdrawal agreement can continue to benefit lower social charges on certain income.

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Retirees can still work and earn extra with a small microenterprise. However, certain conditions in some cases affect the amount you are allowed to earn and the effect on your pension.

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French culture and art of living: “The French are terrified of gray hair and wrinkles” | Steam trains are just the ticket to visit France by train | Garden visits for June in full bloom

The 63-year-old model Sylviane Degunst has been offered little work since returning to Paris from London. She says it is time for France to start embracing the image of aging and has written a book, Moi, Vieille et Jolie, on her experiences and attitudes towards aging.

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There are steam trains all over France although many of them only run during the summer months, covering short distances to the delight of holidaymakers. If you are an enthusiast, contact your local steam train association as they are always on the lookout for new hires, and don’t worry if newbies don’t speak much French, as long as they speak ‘train’!

Taking in breathtaking vistas, from vintage cars to crash courses in locomotive driving, we make our way to a fast lane around the country’s steam train routes on page 2 of French Living.

More: We reveal some of the fabulous private French gardens that will be open to visitors this month. Open Gardens / Jardins Ouverts, the association that encourages gardeners of all nationalities to open their gardens to the public, opened gardens with health protocols in place in June.

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