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gHello. The last day of September puts even more pressure on the Morrison government to increase its climate targets and the announcement of a cash injection for businesses hit by the lockdowns. And there’s still time to vote for the 2021 Australian Bird of the Year contest – our business columnist Greg Jericho is stepping away from his usual topic to tell us why your vote should go to the majestic pelican.

Australian states could reduce their national greenhouse gas emissions by at least 34% by 2030 based on existing commitments, which prompted the federal government to raise its target from 26% to 28%. Bill Hare, chief executive and senior scientist of Climate Analytics, said the contrast between state commitments and federal targets “would clearly put a lot of pressure on the Morrison government,” which remains divided over whether to adopt a target. zero net emissions by 2050. or increase its 2030 target before the Cop26 climate conference. “This shows that the majority of Australians support doing more than the federal government,” Hare said.

Businesses affected by closures in NSW, Victoria and ACT to receive additional cash under multi-billion dollar business assistance program aimed at bridging the last six weeks of lockdown. But financial support will stop once vaccination rates reach 80% of the adult population, which is expected to be around October 21 in NSW and ACT, and November 5 in Victoria. The announcement comes as NSW recorded its deadliest day in the pandemic, with 15 deaths. While vaccination rates are steadily increasing, some young Australians with disabilities face significant hurdles in getting the jab, including difficulties in securing appointments, inaccessible environments, and challenges for people requiring sedation. Abroad, many of Australia’s closest neighbors have experienced their biggest outbreaks so far. Immunization rates are increasing in much of Southeast Asia and the Pacific, but some of the larger countries are lagging behind.

France said any future talks between Emmanuel Macron and Scott Morrison will need to be “seriously prepared” and have “substance” as the fallout from Canberra’s decision to tear up a $ 90 billion submarine contract continues. “Our ambassador will come back with, let’s say, a message from France which will frame our next exchanges with PM Morrison. The President is always available to speak on the phone with Prime Minister Morrison, but you understand that in the current context, we need this to be a substantive conversation, ”said an official. Shipbuilding company Navy Group said Australia canceled the deal “out of convenience”, saying it “had not failed in its commitment” to the project.


Gunnedah County Mayor Jamie Chaffey said the city had “no capacity” to deal with a Covid outbreak. Photography: Shane Williams

Rural areas struggle to attract health workers, leaving some cities without “capacity” to deal with any Covid epidemic and forcing residents to travel for treatment.

Coalition’s planned crackdown on charities and nonprofits should be dropped because it threatens freedom of expression and gives the regulator too broad powers, found a parliamentary committee chaired by the liberals.

A few weeks before the key climate conference in Glasgow, the government has not announced any targets or policies, but has launched an advertising campaign. Scott Morrison’s marketing suggests Australia has a “strong record” on emissions – but this record is new to some people, writes Graham Readfearn in a new weekly column checking the facts on climate change.

The world

Wayne Couzens used his police ID and handcuffs to trick Sarah Everard under the pretext that she broke Covid rules before killing her with his police belt, a London court heard.

One of Brazil’s largest healthcare providers accused of covering up Covid deaths, pressuring doctors to prescribe ineffective treatments and using elderly patients as “human guinea pigs” to test unproven Covid “cures”.

Dutch scientists may have cracked the code as to why some twins are the same, raising hopes for treatment for the disorders that particularly afflict twins.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin meet for their first face-to-face talks since the pandemic to discuss a ceasefire on Syria.

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“Being part of TeamPelican will bring you joy and happiness for life. “ Photograph: Auscape / UIG via Getty Images

The 2021 Australian Bird of the Year contest is in full swing, with just 35 birds vying for the best gong. But a bird is visibly absent from the top 10, according to Greg Jericho, lover of pelicans. “Looking through the 2017 and 2019 bird poll data, I oddly don’t see any sightings of the Australian pelican in the top 10. It is therefore my sad duty to inform you that surveys must therefore be fraudulent. What other explanation is there ?! Guardian Australia readers – those intelligent, cultured souls – wouldn’t overlook such a majestic creature? Inspired? Vote now in the Guardian / BirdLife Australia 2021 Bird of the Year Poll.

“Justin Kurzel’s new film was always going to be controversial, dealing with an event that some say carries almost incomprehensible trauma,” writes Chance Buckmaster. Nitram explores the life of Martin Bryant, who killed 35 people and injured 23 others in the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. “Kurzel and Grant, for example, recognize that their protagonist has mental health issues and is on antidepressants, but doesn’t not use this to excuse or explain his actions… They show Bryant as a belittled outcast, but do not say his actions constitute a rebellion against the company. They play with the idea that something was wrong with him from a young age, but resist the “demonic child” trope.

I think it’s okay to be a little nervous, but my fear of rejection and failure is just crippling. asks a writer to advise columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith. She responds, “When we are preoccupied with fear, we spend so much time preparing for the moment the bad thing happens that we forget that there must be a moment right after it too. Within that next moment, I found some of the craziest, dumbest, most assertive sensations I have ever experienced.


This week, the number of daily cases in Victoria has overtaken New South Wales and, with a rapid increase in cases, so have hospitalizations and deaths. Some Melbourne hospitals are feeling the pressure, with reports of delays in admitting some patients to emergency rooms and an increase in emergency room staff taking sick leave due to burnout. In today’s full story, Guardian Australia medical editor, Melissa Davey, reviews how the victorian healthcare system is doing and whether it could be exceeded in the coming months.

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Victoria’s healthcare system faces new wave of Covid-19

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Benji Marshal
Benji Marshall will play the 2021 Grand Final with South Sydney 19 seasons after his NRL debut for the Wests Tigers in 2003. Photograph: Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

A great final fairy tale is within reach of Benji Marshall, the skinny kid of the NRL with favorites who survived and thrived to become one of the rugby league’s most popular players.

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Nearly three-quarters of doctors in Adelaide say the consultation process for the city’s new $ 1.95 billion hospital has been unsatisfactory, with one doctor saying he was consulted “but not listened to or heard,” report it ABC. The Australian said Women’s Big Bash League coach Duncan Harrison was fired for “inappropriate” communication and shared “confidential information” with a Melbourne Renegades player. Australia’s suicide rate fell in 2020 despite the pandemic, but alcohol-related deaths have risen, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in the Age.


A Senate hearing will examine the federal government’s handling of Covid-19.

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