Norton Launches Robust Identity Monitoring in the UK to Help Consumers Solve Their Identity Theft Issues

Norton Identity Advisor Plus provides access to a dedicated identity restoration specialist for victims of identity theft

TEMPE, Arizona., March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Norton, a leading consumer cybersecurity brand from NortonLifeLock (NASDAQ: NLOK), today announced the UK launch of Norton™ Identity Advisor Plus, which leverages the expertise consumer identity protection company to help victims of identity theft solve their problems.1

In the latest UK Norton Cyber ​​Safety Insights report, conducted online in partnership with The Harris Poll among 1,000 UK adults aged 18 and over, 55% of Britons surveyed admitted they would have no idea of ​​what to do if their identity is stolen. In addition, 60% of those questioned admit to being “very worried” that their identity will be stolen. Norton Identity Advisor Plus attempts to address this concern by assisting consumers every step of the way if they discover they are a victim of identity theft.

“We found that in the UK, 55% of people surveyed admit they would have no idea what to do if their identity was stolen,” said Leena Elias, vice president of product, NortonLifeLock. “Unfortunately, personal information accessed through nefarious tactics can lead to identity theft – for example, a hack or data breach could lead to a loan being taken out in your name, potentially impacting your credit score and your life Identity theft can be stressful and confusing, which is why we provide access to dedicated identity restoration specialists, offering these essential tips for victims of identity theft. Along with the cybersecurity solutions included in this new plan, consumers can have peace of mind that they are covered.

Norton Identity Advisor Plus comes with an easy to use dashboard to record personal information for monitoring including social media monitoring. The social media monitoring feature monitors and alerts the account holder if there are signs that the account may be compromised or if potentially dangerous links are found.2 If a customer suspects their identity has been stolen, they have access to a dedicated identity restoration specialist.

Additional Norton™ Identity Advisor Plus features include:

Dedicated Identity Restore Specialists: An Identity Restoration Specialist is assigned to an identity theft case from start to finish, to guide the victim through the process of resolving their identity theft issue. This support includes assistance in helping the victim resolve the identity theft issue with relevant third parties, including merchants, credit card companies, financial institutions, collection agencies, government agencies or other parties and, if necessary, make three-way mediation calls with the victim. and the parties involved. These identity restoration specialists access over 7,000 verified merchant fraud processes worldwide.

Social media monitoring: According to a recent UK Norton study, 22% of respondents have experienced a social media account takeover.

  • Social media monitoring focuses on the most popular social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Potentially risky links in the user’s social feed on Twitter and YouTube are flagged, to prevent malware from infecting a device, as well as to alert the user to scams and phishing attempts. An alert is also issued if the user is linked to potentially dangerous content, allowing them to take action.
  • Account takeover on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube notifies the registered user of suspicious activity related to their account or unexpected changes in account settings.

Dark web monitoring: 66% of Britons surveyed admit they don’t know how to check if their identity has ever been stolen. Norton™ Identity Advisor Plus includes Dark Web Monitoring.

  • Dark Web Monitoring goes beyond easily accessible sites and marketplaces, scanning private forums, social websites, deep web and dark web to find user’s recorded personal information using our advanced monitoring.
  • Dark Web Monitoring allows the user to record personal information such as their driver’s license number; up to five insurance account numbers or identification numbers; email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses. It will also scan the dark web for up to ten: credit card numbers, financial account numbers, and player tags.

Norton has also launched Norton 360 Advanced in the UK, designed for people who want to take advantage of Norton’s comprehensive cybersecurity tools. In addition to support for identity restoration, dark web monitoring and social media monitoring, Norton 360 Advanced includes powerful layers of protection for devices and online privacy against cyber threats, as well as password manager, 200 GB cloud backup on PC, secure VPN and parental controls.

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About the Norton Cyber ​​Safety Insights 2022 report
The research was conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of NortonLifeLock among 10,003 adults aged 18 and over. The survey was carried out From November 15 to December 7, 2021 in Australia (n=1002), Brazil (n=1000), France (n=1001), Germany (n=1000), India (n=1000), Italy (n=1000), Japan (n=1000), New Zealand (n=1000), the UK (n=1000), and United States (n=1000). Data is weighted where necessary by age, gender, race/ethnicity, region, education, marital status, household size and household income to bring them into line with their true proportions in the population . No estimate of the theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

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1 No one can prevent any cyber crime or identity theft.
2 Social media monitoring is only available on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Does not include chat or direct message monitoring. On Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, only the account takeover feature is available. And on Twitter and YouTube where it monitors for inappropriate content or links, it may not identify cyberbullying, explicit or illegal content or hate speech.

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