Patrick Diter forced to demolish $ 83 million castle built without a permit


We are rarely offered such a linear sequence of action, from consequence to justice. Occasionally, however, it comes wrapped with a lace bow. In today’s edition of ‘Cop That’, British millionaire Patrick Diter and his wife Monica were ordered by the court to demolish their US $ 64 million Tuscan-style castle / boutique hotel ( 83 million Australian dollars) located in the heart of the French Riviera which was built without the necessary permits. How did Mr. Diter accumulate his fortune? As a real estate developer.

If any of you are feeling the slightest sympathy / empathy right now, hold onto that thought. Château Diter was completed over the course of a decade, with the last brick being laid in 2011. Throughout this period, several official injunctions and warnings were issued, which Patrick Diter deposited directly into the recycling bin.

At one point, several neighbors even took legal action because of the extent of the noise pollution, before finally being awarded US $ 50,000 in damages. In turn, the Diter House regularly hosted up to 2,000 guests – many of whom arrived by car and helicopter – for lavish parties, turning on the built-in audio system with 132 built-in speakers throughout the property.

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According to Business intern, while this seems like a pretty clear conclusion for 99% of the living population, Patrick Diter is not yet ready to raise the white flag. Neither his legal adviser, Philippe Soussi, who said publicly:

“This decision is not the epilogue of this case. Even the idea of ​​demolishing Château Diter – which is an architectural masterpiece – is unimaginable and foolish. We will fight to avoid this.

Soussi apparently hinted that he and his client would take the case to the European Court of Human Rights … which is truly unimaginable and insane in all this ordeal.

As per the decision upheld by France’s highest court, Chateau Diter will have to be removed from office by June 2022 – incurring an initial fine of $ 550,000 and an additional $ 600 for each day remaining after June 2022.

Either way, here’s what the future Wrecking Ball Target has to offer right now – find out for yourself below.

  • 32,000 square feet
  • 18 x suites (36 people)
  • 5 x lounges
  • 1 x bookcase
  • 1 x kitchen overlooking Italian garden
  • 1 x cellar with wine tasting room
  • 1 x swimming pool
  • 2 x helicopters
castle say
castle say
castle say
castle say

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