Privé Société — A club of private members represented by NFT and Champagne Privé Réserve

As its meaning in French, Privé, is a private members club and is limited to less than ten thousand global members with access to ownership of Privé Réserve champagne made in Avize, France. Privé Réserve is a French brut champagne that combines modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, powered by a global community of members. Privé Réserve is handcrafted in small series and produced in partnership with Frerejean Frères. Frerejean Frères produces award-winning champagnes and has been chosen as the official champagne of the Michelin awards for consecutive years.

Privé combines art, technology, a private community and finely crafted champagne to create a unique digital + physical ecosystem and lifestyle experience for its members worldwide. Private art is community driven and featured on brand marketing and the Privé Réserve bottle. Leveraging blockchain technology, Privé can validate club membership as well as track the distribution and authenticity of each bottle to prevent counterfeiting; an activity that represents 30% of annual alcohol sales.

Club membership includes access to the Privé Network, Privé Reserve Champagne, Private Global Events and Parties, Privé Champagne Stock Offering, and more. The Privé Société roadmap also includes metaverse collaborations, merchandise and toys, additional product SKUs, a private cryptocurrency wallet, and more. To obtain a membership, members must mint or purchase a Privé NFT on the website or Privé collection on Opensea, respectively.

The Privé team includes a handful of people with industry experience in blockchain, spirits, food and beverage, and more. The company is managed by Damon Nama twenty-three-year-old tech executive, Microsoft alumnus and Coin founder, and Rodolphe Frerejean Taittinger, an experienced wine producer and CEO of Frerejean Frères, a high-end artisanal champagne house in Avize, France.

The Private roadmap includes, but is not limited to:

  • NFT currency and token issuance
  • Formulation of private champagne, public diffusion and distribution to members
  • Merchandise development and launch
  • Annual DAO evening and meeting of NFT holders at Art Basel
  • Metaverse integrations and product activations
  • Cryptocurrency wallet and supply chain tracking tools

In 2023, Privé plans to collaborate with metaverse and blockchain conferencing companies for product integration and activations. The company will also begin global distribution of Champagne Privé, including expansion to other service lines for spirits such as rosé champagne and cognac.

“Unlike many NFT projects in the industry that focus solely on static art, Privstar is excited to combine the physical and digital worlds by fusing art, lifestyle, products and community, to create a unique lifestyle ecosystem that extends beyond a JPEG image and is fully powered and owned by a community,” says Damon NamFounder at Privstar.

Privé aspires to disrupt the current NFT market beyond art and leverage blockchain technology to create a utility to validate club membership, product authenticity, supply chain transparency , etc.

Privé Société is a private member community of less than ten thousand members worldwide with unprecedented benefits and access to ownership of Privé Réserve champagne. The Privé Société team is led by a tech and blockchain industry veteran Damon Nam and Rodolphe Frerejean Taittinger from award-winning champagne producer Frerejean Freres, and Jeff Sinelli, food and beverage veteran and CEO of WichWich. For more information about Privé Société, visit

Source: Private company

SOURCE Private Company

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