Scan QR Codes for Home Loans: Arvind Kumar


The government has asked banks and financial institutions dealing with loans for the purchase of property to accept the building permit and registration certificate issued for constructions up to 500 m². since online authorizations are authorized under the new TS-bPASS (Telangana State Building Permission, Approval and Self-Certification System), to provide hassle-free services to citizens.

The head of the state-level banking committee was tasked by the secretary of municipal administration and urban development, Arvind Kumar, to advise banking institutions to scan the QR codes provided in the online building permits and Instant recordings in progress, available in the new system instead of requesting a signed construction plan. copies of authorization from the local urban organizations (ULB) concerned.

In his detailed communication to the organizer, a copy of which was made available to the media, he explained that under the new rule: Instant registration – Any upcoming construction in a plot of 63 square meters or 75 meters squares of land or ground plus a floor up to seven meters in height do not require any authorization.

The owner, however, must register online upon payment of a symbolic amount of Re.1 and duly self-certify the title, plot size and floors. It does not require any certificate of completion or occupancy. Any plot larger than the allowable size stated above should not be divided for this arrangement and it may not be misused to make constructions in government plots, prohibited or contested land, after which action will be taken. taken in case of violation.

Instant Approval – For plots up to 500 square meters and a proposed building height of up to 10 meters, building permits will be processed in accordance with the TS-bPASS online in accordance with the provisions of the master plan, detailed planning diagram or of the local area plan. This will be in compliance with the construction rules in force and in the prescribed manner. If the required information is provided with all the necessary details, instant online approvals are given.

For these two categories, the government has given up issuing digitally signed copies of buildings and this self-certification system is based on the central government’s “Ease of Reform” system. Even if the applicant submits a construction plan, TS-bPASS will only issue a registration certificate and a building permit order if applicable, he said.

At the same time, the government will carry out a post-verification to ensure that applicants comply with the permissions granted and that all certificates presented are in order. A “start of work” order is only issued if the information provided is true and in accordance with the rules or a letter of revocation is issued. Therefore, banks can verify the post-verification status of applicants by scanning the QR code printed on the registration certificate or purchase order before processing loans.

For plots over 500 square meters and the proposed building height of over 10 meters for building permits for apartments, commercial complexes and the like, only one application is required to be submitted online to obtain certificates of non- objection by several government agencies under the “One Stop Shop” System, according to the communication.

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