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Realizing my Double Chevron weak spot, a French friend recently sent me photos she had taken of a series of fun local advertisements used across France for the domestic launch of Citroën’s innovative new electric city car. Friend, backed by integrated marketing campaign with print ads and a social media program, all bravely mocking this tiny new model.

Citroën has long been a master of self-deprecating advertising, using witty visuals and the familiar Tintin cartoon characters from Herge to promote its 2CV range in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, for example. During the 1980s, Citroën’s UK distributors created memorable and fun comparison ads for the charismatic 2CV form of basic and honest transport, pitting the model’s simplicity against a camel, followed by a ‘No wonder it be so reliable. Nothing to complain about, ” praising the car’s lack of complex features, such as winding windows, a radiator and cruise control.

He leaned on this fun comparison theme with other print ads, ironically celebrating that the 2CV was faster than a Ferrari (“ When traveling at full speed at 71.5 mph, a Citroën 2CV will easily overtake the Ferrari Mondial at 65 mph ‘) with’ As many wheels as a Rolls-Royce ‘and’ More room than a Porsche 911 ‘added for fun too. He also launched a “What’s his name?” ad, listing other car makers and models, such as Seat (“Yes, we have four too”), Polo (“We also have a hole in the middle. It’s called a sunroof”) and Nissan (‘ Nice cabins, but will they last as long as a 2CV? ‘).

For its more “ extravagant ” two-tone Dolly 2CV derivatives, Citroën took its self-deprecating advertising a step further, describing a custom 2CV fitted with spoilers, stripes and alloys, claiming “ We couldn’t do it. faster ”, as well as a parody of an eight-door limousine, saying “ We couldn’t make it more spacious ”, and on bricks without wheels “ We couldn’t make it cheaper ”, the punchline being “ So We Painted It, ” illustrating the three special two-tone color schemes available for the Limited Edition model. He also ran an ironic black and white ad to promote his latest Dolly color schemes, as well as a turtle gradually evolving into a 2CV!

With imitation supposedly the most sincere form of flattery, Chinese auto giant Geely recently ran a marketing campaign in India for its anonymous GC7 sedan, directly replicating the precise styling, wording and comparisons of the Classic 2CV advertising with a Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Porsche, going so far as to claim “a complete set of fully round wheels”, according to Citroën GB’s mid-80s copy.

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