The first Saudi lecturer at the University of France in Lille recounts her success


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH – A Saudi student, who benefits from the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques scholarship program, has become the first female professor in the Kingdom to teach at the University of Lille in northern France.

PhD student Haneen Abu Azzah said she obtained her Masters of Business Administration in Malaysia at a time when the Southeast Asian country was going through the industrial boom, adding that she had benefited greatly from this. experience.

After making the most of her time in Malaysia, Haneen said she is looking to benefit from the European business management experience. France, one of the strongest economies on the continent, was her next destination when she joined the Sorbonne University for her graduate studies.

She added that while pursuing her PhD, she found her topic initially a bit complicated and wanted to soften it to include Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), an area she is passionate about.

Haneen said the topic of doctoral research serves as a link between economic identity and its strong relationship with CSR. She said she was proud to make petrochemical giant Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC) the topic of her doctoral thesis.

She added that she is studying several subjects in the marketing specialization, including industrial marketing strategies, strategic management and consumer behavior, as she continues her progression towards obtaining her doctorate.

She drew attention to the fact that her equation with students is excellent.

She said that the new French generation is very open to other cultures and languages, adding that there is an exchange of culture and language between her and her students. She takes the opportunity to enrich her French language and they in turn benefit from the subjects she teaches them at the university.

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