The secret to football stadium billboards that makes your head scratch


Social media users were surprised after realizing that the advertisements seen on the signs surrounding the stadium fields are different depending on the channel or country you are watching from.

A Twitter user told his followers: “Today I learned that stadiums can have ads depending on the channel and the country.”

This means that people watching the same match in France can see French advertisements around the pitch, those in England can see English advertisements and so on.

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The special effects are not created by green screen but by the use of virtual replacement technology. This technology allows different broadcasters to superimpose news ads on top of the ads that those sitting in the stadium can see.

These advertisements might not be the same for our European friends

The same witchcraft is used to create virtual billboards and also to edit sports, like creating finish lines in horse races.

Another Twitter user provided a more detailed explanation of how the technology works, writing: “The camera is mounted on a ‘virtual head’ which reads positioning and alignment data.

“The lens of this camera is calibrated with the camera housing and sensor, as well as the software, so the virtual software can be adjusted for any change in offset from zero when the camera has been mounted.

“Think of a virtual 3D box, and they just tell the computer where to put anything related to the camera.

“The data is transmitted from the camera to a computer running the virtual software. After calibration, the virtual operator will load the graphics provided to him, created according to specifications.

“They then use various keys to hide what they want and don’t want the virtual graphics to appear.”

Simply put, the technology works with the camera to recognize where the signs are, and then place ads on them.

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