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The Sunday Express revealed how furious France canceled both the meeting scheduled for September 23 and a major defense summit organized by the Franco-British Council after the announcement of the Aukus defense pact between the Australia, Great Britain and the United States.

Britain has spent the past month regularly reaffirming its commitment to its European allies, Eastern Europe and Italy, amid growing unease over French President Emmanuel Macron’s attempt to forge self – saying European strategic autonomy, which some fear will undermine NATO’s role.

A reminder of Britain’s role as a “good European neighbor” also helped, according to sources, during the thorny negotiations over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Next week’s NATO defense ministers meeting will discuss the possibility of further Russian aggression, following the build-up of tens of thousands of troops along the Ukrainian border in April.

A senior Defense Ministry source said: “While it is possible that our commitments in Europe will be leveraged given the current situation with France, it is important to remember that things like the Joint Expeditionary Force – a UK-led initiative involving nine Northern European nations were already well established.

“They continue to show how we continue to prioritize the Far North and the Euro-Atlantic.”

The two-pronged effort was led by Foreign Minister Liz Truss, who earlier this month signed a joint declaration with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania reaffirming their commitment to cooperation in matters security in the Baltic region and agreeing to foster closer economic ties.

She also met with her Italian counterpart Luigi di Maio to announce a new deal aimed at boosting exports and investment between the two countries, where economic ties are already worth £ 38 billion.

A source from FCDO said: “Closer diplomatic, economic and defense ties with the Baltic states are a crucial part of Liz’s plan to advance and defend freedom and democracy. She speaks of them as being at the border of freedom and considers them important allies to challenge malicious actors and reinforce the importance of NATO.

“Closer ties with the Three Balts will be a hallmark of his tenure as foreign minister.”

Last night, James Rogers, of the Council of Geostrategy, said: “What the government is trying to do is link up with countries that are fundamentally unhappy with the way France is trying to take control of the process. ‘shaping EU policies and representing their interests.

“France will present this as a British attempt to undermine the cohesion of the EU, but it is not such a thing. These countries feel that their interests are ignored by Paris.

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