Ukrainian News Live: Russia Threatens EU Member Over ‘Openly Hostile’ Kaliningrad Decision; The United Kingdom would be “right to prepare for war”; grim prediction of NATO conflict | world news

Leo Docherty, who is the UK Defense Secretary, reiterated the government’s commitment to Ukraine and NATO in the House of Commons.

“The UK and NATO stand with Ukraine. We are providing political and practical support to bolster its self-defence and will further strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defense posture,” he said. .

He added that the UK had increased its support for Ukraine, bringing the total budget to £1.3bn.

According to Docherty, the UK has sent more than 6,900 anti-tank missiles, five air defense systems, 120 armored vehicles, as well as other non-lethal weapons and aid.

He added that “we struck the right balance” when asked about sending NATO forces to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Conservative Party chairman of the defense committee, Tobias Ellwood, said the UK needed to increase defense spending to 3% “if we are serious about preventing conflict from spreading in Europe”.

He said: “We are overloading our troops with these expanded commitments and not replenishing our defense stocks quickly enough.

“The three services are now too small to handle the ever-increasing burden we will now place on them and these cuts to the 2021 Integrated Military Personnel and Equipment Review must now be reversed.”

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