UK’s favorite Christmas commercial has been revealed and it’s bad news for John Lewis

Despite yet another moving commercial with dream music, John Lewis failed to give the UK their favorite Christmas commercial of 2021.

Instead, the anthropomorphic Kevin the Aldi carrot took the win, according to a new study.

Kantar’s research used facial recognition AI technology to determine how viewers reacted to each ad, as well as to probe them for their feelings.

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Retail Gazette reports that Aldi’s version of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol is the best commercial of 2021.

The ad shows Ebanana Scrooge learning the true meaning of Christmas, which viewers have called “distinctive” and “enjoyable.”

This year marked the sixth year in a row that Aldi has made Kevin a star in his campaign, but this Christmas has been more popular than ever.

The discount supermarket was in the top 6% of all UK advertisements and is also the one that sparked the most conversations.

After Aldi in second place, Coca-Cola, followed by Lidl, Marks & Spencer and Celebrations.

This Christmas is more important than 2020 according to 35% of respondents to the Kantar study. They said there was a special focus this year on friends and family, rather than spending cash.

Aldi’s announcement, which focused on the traditional themes of friendliness and kindness, would reflect these values.

Lynne Deason, Head of Creative Excellence at Kantar, said: “Aldi’s new take on a Christmas classic is a great example of how a brand can deliver serious messages about purpose and purpose. social impact while being a lot of fun.

“Aldi uses humor effectively, something especially important in a year when we all need some extra laughter, but it also has a deeper feeling.

“Marcus Radishford’s smart inclusion highlights a worthy cause – the campaign to provide meals to those in need – without appearing too dark for viewers.”

Recognizable characters were a big trend in this year’s ad campaigns. M&S used the voice of Tom Holland to bring Percy Pig to life and Dawn French plays their fairy.

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Lynne Deason said, “Overall it has been another difficult year for advertisers to be successful.

“This crop of ads made people smile, but less than in previous years. The ones that landed best and people responded best to ads that weren’t afraid to be funny – after the past eighteen months, we all need them!

“Of course, success always depends on being relevant, well executed and having a strong connection to the brand, which the leaders of 2021 have all achieved.”

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